Smashwords — Spiritus Mundi – Book I: The Novel — A book by Robert Sheppard

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Robert Sheppard’s thriller novel, Spiritus Mundi, is an unforgettable read and epic journey bringing to life the sexual and spiritual lives of struggling global idealists overcoming despair, nuclear terrorism, espionage and a threatened World War…

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Spiritus Mundi, Novel by Robert Sheppard is now available on Smashwords!—–Check it Out Now!

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Smashwords — Spiritus Mundi – Book II: The Romance — A book by Robert Sheppard



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Robert Sheppard’s thriller novel, Spiritus Mundi, is an unforgettable read and epic journey bringing to life the sexual and spiritual lives of struggling global idealists overcoming despair, nuclear terrorism, espionage and a threatened World War…

Robert Sheppard‘s insight:

Spiritus Mundi–Book II: The Romance is now Available on Smashwords!—-Check It Out Now!

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The Varieties of Sexual Experience–Sexual Excerpts from the Novel Spiritus Mundi, by Robert Sheppard


Introducing Spiritus Mundi, a Novel by Robert Sheppard

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The next day Andreas was late, apologizing that he had overslept. Though she conventionally dismissed it as of no matter, she was secretly more pleased than not that he was late, since being late in her code meant that he did not care for her so much, and that released a bit of the overwrought tension of things proceeding so quickly and allow her to relax and enjoy herself.

That morning the sunlight flooded the sky gloriously, and as they motored up M1 passing Edgeware and then the M25Ring and out into the open countryside Eva’s spirits soared. As the oppressive gray of the ubiquitous city pavement gave way to the green of a resurgent nature Eva’s anxious ambivalence of the previous evening melted into a flow of enthusiasm. Then she understood from the rapid and upward flight of her spirits that she must have been more depressed than she had realized and she realized that she had been sensually deprived of contact with nature more deeply than she had previously appreciated.

The powerful throb and throating of the shifting gears of engine of the older sportscar affected her in an almost erotically powerful way, and she was aware of being lulled into a kind of torporous state—-she listened to Andreas’ full manly voice rising and falling over the noise of the motor and wind and she was not conscious of the meaning or content of what he was saying as much as the mere tones of his voice, rising and falling, alternately humorous, ironic, enthused, compassionate. She had remembered this sensation from the previous evening but was pleasantly surprised when it continued and heightened rather than fading in its significance. Eva’s spirits rose to the level of an intoxication, and she began to sing softly to herself under her breath as Andreas spoke—–she knew then that he would become her lover from the pleasure that his voice gave to her. His smiles and glances broadened and deepened as he took in and responded to her deepening delight.

When they reached the forested river and drove upstream looking for an appropriate picnic spot she felt more at ease and uninhibited. The talk between them became easier as the barriers dissolved and their natural sympathy flowed forward. He parked the car up a narrow logging road leading to a half-hidden glade bordering on a small brook. They strolled together, then she ambled alone down the small streambank stroking the leaves and branches of the fronds, trees, bushes and grasses and smelling the leaves and occasional flowers, taking off her hat and allowing the sun to fall full across her face and into the open cleavage of her light dress. When she had returned he took out of the trunk a large Persian throw-carpet and spread it out over a patch of soft and deep grass and unloaded the picnic basket with wine, strawberries, cold chicken, sandwiches and iced beer, which they enjoyed over their flowing conversation.

The afternoon sun settled in the treetops yielding a dimming hush to the surroundings. Andreas kissed her full on the lips for the first time and she responded warmly, laying on her back on the thick blanket below which she felt the thick plush of the country grass. The sun broke through the forest branches in radiant warming patches over their bodies moving in harmony with the rhythmic rush and flow of the warm afternoon wind through the bowing and bobbing treetops and they heard the occasional singing of full throated birds rising in counterpoint to the rushing of the warm wind.

For a long time they lay there on the wide blanket with eyes closed, then open and then Eva propped herself up on her elbows as she felt her full breasts shift pendulously under her dress to the other side of her shift. She stared across the glade and the underbrush of the streambank to see a tractor ploughing a field below them perhaps a mile distant, the closest intimation of any other human presence.

She felt the strength of his arm across the small of her back and felt his leg move gently but firmly nudging his knee between her two knees and thighs. “Oh my God, she thought inwardly to herself—-he wouldn’t do it so soon, two days after meeting me would he?—No he wouldn’t, not yet. He was working up to it but wouldn’t go so quickly, no not yet”——and she was content to lay entwined with him sharing his increasing kissing and the voluptuousness of the moment, and was happy and content to let things take their course.

Months later, when they discussed in bed how it had happened and came about that first time he would joke and say she planned it all along and had intended to seduce him from the beginning. She would protest that it was the precise opposite and that she suspected that he had taken similar little motor jaunts out into the Berlin countryside in that car with other girls—she knew the devious mind of the male well enough!—-Sans Souci and all that!

She remembered that she knew from his voice in the car that he would be her lover—because she loved and trusted it.  But when?—-it didn’t matter when——He would know the right time, she sensed,—even were it but their second day, then that was the right time.

He made love to her on the warm picnic blanket, and she thought it was the right time because he knew it and wanted it, and it was so beautiful and they were so close and understood each other so well. She felt she was not very good at the love-making and that she had not exorcised the memories of her ex-husband’s sex making nor of her abandonment by Sean five years ago and that she could not release her body from those memories so simply, but that that would come with time she hoped.

She knew she did not know him well but she felt their bodies understood each other well and sometimes you had to trust your body more than your mind. She liked her naked body and felt its ample sexuality as her hand ran across her breasts and abdomen, but she often felt underbuilt and wished to be fuller and more ample for her man, but usually a man’s lovemaking would erase such anxious thoughts from her mind. She felt the fullness of love and wellbeing laying against Andreas’ athletic and well-muscled flank.

But when she opened her eyes after it was done and looked up into his eyes she saw a hard and almost ugly look. She pulled down the skirt of her dress and looked back at him and saw that he was averting his eyes, then insistently looking into her eyes to cover up. She instinctively turned away from his full face but his strong arm held her across her belly and she couldn’t move. “You’re lovely” he said, but it seemed a word to fill a void. For a long time they were silent.

“So do you do this sort of thing very often?” she queried out of the distance that had grown between them.

“Well, if you must know the truth, probably more than is good for me.——-I’m supposed to get married in Berlin but I’m running away from it.” he let out, turning his eyes away.

“And why is that?” she responded.

“Well of course I’m here for the work and that is all overwhelming, but I suppose you could say the real reason is that I’m running away—I can’t stand to be a woman’s pet, I feel trapped, imprisoned—-and God she is so jealous—-spying on me all the time—I don’t want to be owned and caged like an animal in the zoo—-“

“Perhaps you don’t love her?”

“I expected that———–no, you could say I loved her as much as I was capable of—–but she’s no monster—–I know its my own fault—-she’s jealous and I have given her good cause—I’ve been with quite a few others and she knows about it—–I just can’t stand being caged up—I guess I’m just not a domesticated animal——You see, I was born in Africa and I know what it is like to be a lion roaming free on the veldt—–In Europe I always feel like a caged animal trying to break out……so I have to give you fair warning that I may not be able to fulfill any dreams you may be having of a picture of domestic bliss”

Furrowing her brows she laid her head across his bare chest nestling her warm breasts against his arm and well-muscled shoulder and stared with glistening open eyes across the streambank and out over the farmer’s fields below the knoll, pressing her lips together and saying  “Let’s not talk about it now——-God it’s so beautiful here…..”


Isis was the raw material of a divinity. On Olympus or in a pantheon in Egyptian Memphis or Babylon she would have done well with little preparation. She had the passions and instincts which make a model goddess, that is those which make not quite a model woman. Perhaps it was for this very reason that her media and celluloid persona could have been so convincingly conjoured from the traditionally raised Nicaraguan girl before cameras and on sound stages from London to Los Angeles, a metamorphosis only ratifying an innate queenliness and divine potential felt by those about her to be already a latent force and presence within her soul. Had it been possible for the earth and mankind to be entirely in her grasp for a while, had she handled the Fates distaff, spindle and the shears at her own free will, and not withstanding her infatuation with radical Marxism derived from several lovers in her extreme youth, few in the world would have noticed the change in government. There would have been the same inequality of lot, the same heaping up of favors here, of reproach and chastisement there, the same generosity before justice, the same perpetual dilemmas, the same captious alternation of caresses and blows as we endure now. Though she had received communion and confirmation from a Cardinal in sight of the Virgin Mother, she had Pagan eyes full of nocturnal mysteries.

Assuming the souls of men and women were visible essences, as revealed the auras and imprints of Kyrillian photography, you could fancy the colour of Isis’ soul to be flame-like. The sparks from it that rose inside her dark black pupils gave the same impression: certainly her essence was volatile. Her mouth, curved exquisitely in the sensual image of a double-reflex bow, seemed less formed to speak or eat than to kiss and allure, though it gained its greatest celebrity from its innate capacity to sing. Her voice had that element of indefinable expressivity which was the soul of music. Her skin, breasts and hips, though svelte, had the softness and fullness of a Latin and maternal warmth. Some intimates regarded her as rather a witch, some as the Queen of the Night; some regarded her as a sort of Persephone, doomed to a Sisyphusian alternation between the sun-drenched fertility of her Latin-American origins, and the nocturne Overworld-Underworld of her media Rock-Goddess presence across a billion screens, stages and magazine covers. Where did her dignity and vitality come from? It was a gift from heaven—a happy convergence of natural laws. To be loved to madness—-such was her greatest desire. In this regard her husband and public consort Osiris, as was Zeus to Hera, proved a fateful disappointment. Though she told herself, at one in mind still with the communist boyfriend who took her virginity, that there was no God, yet raised to love Him in a traditional Catholic church and family, up to that time reveling in its rituals and sensual displays, she prayed often, though never in church, often thus: “O deliver my heart from this fearful Neon-tinted gloom and loneliness—-send me a great love from somewhere, else I shall die.” Such views of life were to some extent the natural begetting of her situation upon her nature.

After riding back to the hotel the pair ordered a private dinner served in Isis’s rooms and they discussed some of the details about the Global Appeal and chatted about this and that, following a coded ritual minuet of sexual attraction and approach, to get to know one another, and to feel out the inevitable mutual possibilities of sexual involvement. It gradually emerged to Jack’s tentative understanding, rather incredibly, that one of the most photographed and idolized women in the world was isolated and lonely within her bubble world. She talked a bit about her early life, where she studied at the Sorbonne after intensive preparation in French while staying with her uncle, an attaché at the Nicaraguan embassy in Paris. She related that for all her notoriety as a jet set fashionista she was raised a conservative Catholic with family values and for a while a scion of an intellectual family. Later she got into modeling and modern dance in Paris and New York and fell into music by accident. People took her interest in human rights and causes such as the UNPA as media affectation but they really grew out of a more serious former background she abandoned for but a while when she entered the world of the paparazzi and gloss magazines. For the last years of her life she has been trapped in the persona of Osiris’ wife consort, which she wouldn’t mind if it were a real marriage, but Osiris was a narcissistic self-destructive eternal adolescent-cum-infant with a love affair with his own face and penis who could be relied on to generate tabloid sales but could not be depended on as a husband, lover, father or mate. He was lost in an unending series of binges of addiction to drugs, alcohol, his own penis, fame and glitz, girls underage and otherwise, sexual tittilation, and the biggest and most permanent addiction of all—to his own megalomaniacal ego. That left little time or motivation for concern, love and nurture for her as a woman or anything else other than a prop on the stage set of his own self-dramatization. Mea mea, mea mea—mea maxima mea! She over and over again scraped him up from the floor following innumerable narcotic and erotoleptic orgies and tried to put him back together in a Sysiphusian ritual. She loved him but she didn’t love him. She was living on past spiritual capital and deteriorating rapidly into spiritual and emotional bankruptcy. She was trapped in a gilded cage that the whole world wanted to break into, but from which she, in her better self, wanted to break out. Why did she not leave him? True, she worried about the impact on her children and at root, before the media transformation she was raised a good Catholic girl, wife and mother. And there was the media and commercial ramification of it all—how would it play in the tabloids and trade papers? But all that reduced to nothing. Perhaps she stayed in her conflicted world out of a womanly pity. Pity if one may generalize is at the bottom of woman. When men like us it is for our better qualities, and however tender their liking, we dare not be unworthy of it, or they will quietly let us go. But unworthiness stimulates woman. It brings out her deeper nature, for good or for evil.

Had she had affairs with other men?—–Yes, of course, mostly on the rebound or in self-defense or out of desperation or momentary attraction in the topsy-turvey nomadic world of rock, pop and media crucifiction. What could you expect when your marriage was a public joke and an empty shell. Most men she might have serious relationships with were completely intimidated and afraid of her, or they were adventurers and exploiters seeking to use her, were pansies or sychophants, or they were blind to anything beyond her tabloid image. She had to hide from the world in remote spots or in private cocooned elite rooms like this one just to keep her sanity. Outwardly she was an iconic media image but inwardly she was dying as a woman without a real man and a real love in her life.

As the evening played out Isis increasingly yielded to her alcoholic weakness and followed the two bottles of red wine shared at the dinner with a chain of gin and tonics and White Russians and as she came to know Jack more closely she let down her defenses and began to curl up to him, laying her head on his shoulder while they lounged on the deep sofa. Jack was caught anxiously in a slight dilemma. While he was physically very attracted to her, and as he got to know her better he was personally attracted to her as a friend and as a woman, he was non-plussed as to how to proceed. Jack was no virgin but he was no playboy either and essentially rather conservative in his inclinations, and, well, he was young and a bit on the inexperienced side—his professional life, contrary to the fantasized images of James Bond, hitherto having taken most of his energies away from his social and sexual life. He was also unsure how wise such an involvement would be in terms of his undercover mission, though there was nothing prohibitive about it. Thus Jack dangled in his dilemma and played with the possiblilties while maintaining a distance unnatural to the situation as Isis sloshed more and more under the influence of alcohol.

As to Isis, she was extremely attracted to Jack physically, and acted out little skits to probe his intentions towards her, inviting his further approach and trying to gauge his reactions. At first she assumed that he was intimidated by her and tried to set him at ease, insisting that he call her Christina and talking about him rather than her. Jack himself was not imtimidated by her public persona because he had hardly been affected by it, living in a completely different professional world and temperamentally averse to the world of tabloid and media attention. She was six years older than Jack, and in her world those six years might have multiplied to sixteen in terms of the intensity of sexual experience she had been exposed to, and she guessed that his reserve might relate to inexperience, which she found stimulating in itself in the role of a seductress, which she seldom got to play as the attempted seductions most often went in the opposite direction. And, damn! she had been corrupted ty Osiris’ world to the extent that she was in most dimensions of her life used to getting what she wanted when and how she wanted it, Osiris excepted. That Jack didn’t immediately fall into her lap only turned up the level of her desire and intentness. And discovering after throwing herself at him she couldn’t control him and that he drew on a hidden strength from a world outside her own only increased her repect for and desire for his strength as a man.

She was devastated when he returned to his own room, two doors from her own wishing her good-night. That had never happened to her when she had offered herself to a man like that. She lay down on the deep couch unable to sleep, staring into the night sky. Then she heard a tapping at her door and shot up racing to the door knowing it was him. He entered, looking strongly into her eyes with his intense smiling eyes. They kissed. He picked her up in his arms and carried her wordlessly to her bed, and she turned off the light as they undid each other’s clothes, moaning and murring their pleasure as flesh called to flesh. They kissed silently long and long and he slowly massaged her neck and back, working his hands up and down her spine, vertebrae by vertebrae as his compassionate fingertips released the nervous tension and pain accumulated in her body. As they kissed he slowly moved his hips against her hips as her tensed nerves gradually relaxed yielding to her deeper passion. He pressed his fingertips against her fingertips then clasped her hands with his hands while they looked brightly and joyfully into each other’s clear eyes in a ritual enactment of a joining of their spirits as well as their bodies.  He pressed his forehead against her forehead without kissing, in a kind of ritual merger of their minds, and rubbed his eyes against her eyes as a ritual merger of their vision. He closed her eyes and danced the tip of his tongue over the retina of her eye through her closed eyelid and she laughed and startled. They laughed together as they gradually explored more and more of each other’s bodies. He felt her put her arms across his back and pull his body tightly down to hers with her full strength. He was slow and langorous and did not try to take her until he sensed their feelings were flowing in common and releasing themselves spontaneously through each other’s bodies. They moved deeper and deeper into the dark fullness of each other, releasing their clenched minds into each other’s warm flesh, he rising in his male strength and she yielding and giving of herself. He sucked strongly at both nipples and breasts, then delved his fingers exploringly across her pubic hair, thick, moist and warm, and then into the warm cleft between her legs, removing her silk panties as he kept his lips pressed to her own loosening lips. He slipped his tongue into her yielding mouth and played under her tongue, she responding with suppressed laughter. He overcame his own short anxiety about getting hard and how they would fit together as he ground his hardness into the softness of her hips and vulva.   She felt him harden and push against the lips of her vulva and she took him inside of her with a gasp and an arching of her back. She felt him strongly yet gently increase his thrusts, their lips first locked together then beginning to gasp for air. His muscular arms spread her legs as wide as they could stretch, then he slid his hands beneath her buttocks and lifted her slightly as he increased the driving beat of their coupling, her heart racing against his, his pounding hard in his chest, temples and eardrums, her feet bouncing against his ears and pointing up towards the high ceiling. Gasping for breath they heaved against eachother until he released himself hotly inside of her, the flowing body sweat dripping from his brow and temples onto her forehead and wetted hair, and mingling with hers across her soft skin.

As Isis released herself into her emotion she heard a heavy-throated tearing moan that seemed to come from someplace beyond her but still within herself, she herself dissolving in a vague, dark generalized sensation like being swirled in a warm whirlpool. From her own past experience Isis had experienced hundreds of thrills and sensations of pleasure in petting and in love making. But her own conviction was that there was only one real female orgasm, rooted in the womb and vagina that came when a man from the whole of his need and desire, takes a woman and wants all of her response as a full woman. The thrills and sensations of sexual play might build to an intensified release focused on the clitoris or nipples, but only the deep vaginal orgasm was deeply real and called forth the deep and inner being of a woman—everything else was a substitute and a fake. Even the most inexperienced woman knows this instinctively, she felt.

Isis had experienced such orgasms initially with Osiris and had loved him deeply in the first years. As time went on their love-making descended from deep vaginal release to a more mechanical and outward stimulation, a frotting of the clitoris and nipples and getting him off, and over time she realized that she was no longer having real orgasms with Osiris.

Isis at root was of a religious and conservative nature, though not at all in her intellectual ideas, and had a religious devotion towards true sexuality. To her the measure of a woman’s integrity was not conventional fidelity, though she respected that to a limited degree as conventional mutual trust and respect and as protection for the institution of the family. Instead the deeper measure of her own integrity was through her womanly orgasm, which made her whole and real unto herself, which she would share with a man of real manliness and maleness who touched and nurtured her womanly core unto blossoming, but which she would not share with the fakes and frauds of sexual titillation.

Though she did not have such thoughts immediately, during the first months of their involvement she came to realize that what set the seal on the fact that she was beginning to love him, and what made it possible for her to use that word towards Jack, was that she immediately experienced orgasm. Vaginal orgasm that is—deep and soul-engaging. And in her own mind she could not have experienced that if she did not love him so she did love him. It was with these inchoate and subliminal thoughts that Isis released herself from the burdens of consciousness, clinging tightly to Jack’s neck unconsciously in sleep, aided by an ample alcoholic sedation, into the tenderness of the night.


Did Eva express her condition of extreme hunger to Andreas?

Eva being mentally inebriated by the immanent and pleasurable presence of her male companion had lost consciousness of the arbitrary customarily behaviourally prescriptive relative rotational locations of the radially circumrevolutionary indicators affixed to the discoid facial surface of the circiform and flexiform metal band circumscribing the ulna, radius and carpals of her left forearm customarily referred to with regard to identifying appropriate times of partaking of nutrition, and the force of this attractive masculine presence, accelerated by the influence of the olfactory reception of male pheromes precipitating the overimmersion of the limbic receptors of the amygdala, pons, hippocampus and other neural organs associated with emotional response and bonding with a supersaturation of oxytocin, dopamine, estrogen and other naturally occuring psychotropic neural agents, an interruption of the awareness of the higher organs of consciousness, viz., the cerebrum and cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, dorsilateral prefrontal, orbito-frontal, temporal, anterior cingulate cortex, ventral prefrontal, Broca’s area, premotor, primary motor and dorsal and ventral lobes and cortexes, of the caloric deficit affecting the circulation of the agents of energy, glucose, fructose, glycogen and monosaccharides for the sustained cellular glycolysis producing sufficient quantities of adenosine triphosphates for circulation along known metabolic pathways for purposes of sustained metabolic equilibrium and locomotion, occurred. Her hypothalamus in due course, however, triggered by diverse enzymatic agents communicated her condition to the relevant gastroduodenal and intestinal tissues triggering responsive abdominal muscular contractions and release of organic acids and digestive fluids causing the audible rumbling, grumbling fricative noise phenomenon commonly associated with hunger and appetite.

Did Andreas hear her stomach growl?

He did.

What was his response?

Andreas, being born into the culture of the Judeo-Christian heritage, conditioned by feudal idealization of the feminine condition associated with customary gestures of chivalry towards the opposite sex or compassion towards the plight of the sufferings of persons in need, particularly those of the beloved object of sexual desire, and accustomed to associate his elevated image of self with the status of gentleman (from Latin gentilis, belonging to a race or “gens”, and “man”, cognate with the French word gentilhomme and the Italian gentil uomo or gentiluomo), in its original and strict signification, denoting a man of good family, analogous to the Latin generosus (in its invariable translation in English-Latin documents), in this sense the word equating with the French gentilhomme (nobleman), which latter term was in Great Britain long confined to the peerage, and this term “gentry” (from the Old French genterise for gentelise) conveying much of the social class significance of the French noblesse or of the German Adel, but without the strict technical requirements of those traditions (such as quarters of nobility), and correspondingly associating his self-esteem with the obligations of the tradition of courtly love, amour courtois (“courtly love”) given its original definition by Gaston Paris in his 1883 article “Études sur les romans de la Table Ronde: Lancelot du Lac, II: Le conte de la charrette“, a treatise inspecting Chretien de Troyes’s Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart (1177), Paris saying amour courtois was an idolization and ennobling discipline whereby the lover (idolizer) accepts his devotion to his mistress and tries to make himself worthy of her by acting bravely and honorably (nobly) and by doing whatever deeds she might desire, he invited her to have dinner.

Did she accept his invitation?

She did.

What parallel courses did Andreas and Eva follow upon exiting the Euston Street Committee offices in Bloomsbury ?

Exiting their Euston Street office entrance roughly opposite the British Library united in normal walking pace they proceeded in a NNE direction along Euston Street before diverting their path ninety degrees to the SE, turning right into Belgrove Street; Proceeding at a reduced pace, each bearing left, they proceeded along Belgrove Street approximately two blocks until diverting approximately 120 degrees to an approximate easterly course along Argyle Street, passing Argyle Square in the direction of Gray’s Inn Road, in expectation of encountering and crossing which they proceeded at a desultory pace punctuated with intermittent interruptions of halt, including one inadvertant erroneous turn into Birkenhead Street in consequence of excessive mutual visual, mental and auditory absorbtion, then bearing right, until arriving at the Acorn House restaurant, 69 Swinton Street, London WC1X 9NT, United Kingdom, approximately situated in the neighborhood of Camden to the south of Brittania street in the environs of Gray’s Inn Road.

Of what did the duumvirate deliberate during their itinerary?

Music, literature, Africa, Berlin, friendship, woman, the weather of London, taste in clothes and fashion, taste in food and wine, last seen movies, the European Union, prospects for a UN Parliamentary Assembly, the international character of London, the necessity of improved rubbish collection and street sanitation, the differences in British and continental education, the events of the past day and the beauty of Eva’s eyes.

What were their respective postures and interactions of bodily contact on their way to the Acorn House?

During the ambulation from Euston Street to Argyle Street their respective postures were parallel upright and perpendicular to the pavement with occasional contact of the right male palmar surface with the left female triceps and elbow.  From Argyle Street to Grays Inn Road the female vertebral axis shifted from the perpendicular with respect to the pavement to the oblique, canting in the direction of the male;  the male right palmar surface and thenar surface was translocated to the right female latissimus dorsi, and thereafter intermittently to the gluteus medius, finally arriving at a place of rest midway between the right female gluteus medius and the right female gluteus maximus; the left female palmar and thenar surface correspondingly translocated to rest upon the left male latissimus dorsi.

What were the reasons Andreas chose the Acorn House restaurant?

Four:  Being respectively Ethical, Geographical, Habitual and Sexual.

To Wit?

With respect to ethical desiderata, Acorn House had been advertised on under the rubric:  “Eat Well…….Guilt Free!——— The Acorn House Restaurant at the King’s Cross area in London is an environment friendly choice for those who believe in all things organic! A portion of the proceeds are forwarded to charitable ventures for ecological welfare as well as the well-being of local producers.”

Did Andreas observe strict ethical and organic guidelines in selecting and partaking of his customary cuisine?

Occasionally. Such occasions arising primarily when eating with colleagues of slight acquaintance associated with liberal, radical, alternative, countercultural, vegetarian, vegan or eco-friendly organizations and movements, naturally allied in sympathy and lifestyle with the work of the UNPA Committee with whom bonds of sympathy were advantageous.

On other occasions?

On other occasions Andreas exhibited the ethical standards of a strict omnivore, partaking regularly, inter alia, of:  Baskin Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake, 2,600 calories, 135 g fat … more than a day’s worth of calories and three days worth of saturated fat, and, worst of all, usually taking less than 10 minutes to sip through a straw; Quizno’s Tuna Melt (large), 2,090 calories, 175 g;  T.G.I. Fridays Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad, 1,360 calories, Fat unknown; Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing, 2,040 calories, 150 g fat …… Two-and-a-half day’s worth of fat—a full third of which is saturated; Hardee’s Monster Biscuit 710 calories, 51 g fat (17 g saturated) 2,250 mg sodium; Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch
2,030 calories;
Jack Daniel’s Sampler (Jack Daniel’s glaze over fried shrimp, Sesame Jack Chicken Strips, and Baby Back Pork Ribs)
2,330 calories; Pizza Skins (full order) 2,400 calories,155 g fat (50 g saturated),3,600 mg sodium; Bob Evans Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie, 13 g trans fat, 908 calories, 60 g fat.


As the Acorn House restaurant was located on Swinton Street, closely proximate to Andreas’ rooms at The Arriva Hotel, situated at 47-55 Swinton Street, London GB WCIX 9NT, the said rooms supplied via negotiated budget discount per diem by the Committee pending location of permanent London housing and the said restaurant being geographically situated in an intermediate location between the referenced hotel and the locus of the Committee offices, and within reasonable walking distance from Euston Street, considerations of geographical convenience were satisfied.


The aforesaid Acorn House restaurant being located at 69 Swinton Street and his Ariva Hotel rooms being located at 47-55 Swinton Street, opportunity afforded many occasions for his resting and dining there en passant. Additionally, its ethical advantages were repeatedly useful when entertaining colleagues of the left-eco-consciousness school of sympathies.


As the Acorn House restaurant was located at 69 Swinton Street and his principal place of sleep located at short remove at 47-55 Swinton Street, experience had proven that the receptive mood induced in suitable females of ample potential procreational pulchritude, enhancing and reinforcing preexisting psychological, physical, hormonal and intimate conversational affinities by means of post prandial imbibition of appropriate quantities of wines, liqueurs, cocktails, spirits, ales, lagers, Beer, Barleywine, Bitter ale, Mild ale, Pale ale, Porter, Stout, Cask ale, Stock ale, Fruit Beer, Lager beer, Bock, Dry beer, Maerzen/Oktoberfest Beer, Pilsener, Schwarzbier, Sahti, Small beer, Wheat beer, Witbier aka White Beer, Hefeweizen, Cauim, Chicha, Cider, Huangjiu, Kilju, Kumis, Lappish Hag’s Love Potion, Mead, Perry, Pulque, Sake, Soju, Sonti, Tepache, Tiswin, Table wine, Sangria, Sparkling wine, Champagne, Fortified wine, Port, Madeira, Marsala, Sherry, Vermouth, Absinthe, Baijiu, Kaoliang, Maotai, Brandy, Armagnac, Cognac, Cachaça, Gin, Damson gin, Sloe gin, Rum, Mezcal, Tequila, Vodka, Whisky, Bourbon, Scotch, Akvavit, Pisco, Palinka, Schnapps, Slivovitz, and Rakia—–could directly lead to desirable sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

Was there another reason?

Yes. He thought the number 69 was sexually suggestive and subliminally reminiscent of the graphic interpenetration of Yin and Yang, the spiraling gravitation of the male sperm towards its enfated egg, and the act of procreation, and therefore lucky.

What did Andreas and Eva read from the menu and what did they order?

The Acorn House offered food made from fresh, seasonal produce, an on-site water purifier and a health conscious menu leaving a strong mark with soups, sandwiches, meat and fish mains, cured meats and lots more featured on the menu. In addition the menu stated the restaurant’s Green philosophy:  Acorn House wants to demonstrate that a top commercial restaurant doesn’t have to be wasteful and environmentally damaging. There is a compost and wormery in the back to process raw waste, and they are creating a vegetable and herb garden on the roof; They are working with a non-profit recycling company to develop recycling processes for glass, plastic, raw and cooked food; Eventually they hope to take away and recycle waste from other restaurants as well; They want it to be “seasonal, sustainable and simple”. It is locally sourced, but not all organic.

The menu featured winter vegetables: onion squash, curly kale, swiss chard and Jerusalem artichokes. As diners can order their dishes in any size to minimize wastage, Andreas ordered large and Eva ordered medium.  The Celeriac soup was hot and tasty, and the Italian pancetta added a bite to the parsnips. The pumpkin ravioli was delicate, and the steak from Yorkshire delicious. The table next to them had a wooden platter of Italian salamis and cheeses that looked delicious, so they ordered a large to split between them.

            What did they order to drink?

                 Andreas asked Eva to choose the drinks, and after perusing the list of organic and Italian wines, she chose a large bottle of in-house organic wine. As Acorn House serves its own water, purified on site they indulged in a bottle as well.

What were their topics of conversation over their meal?

The respective and reciprocal characters of the male and female members of the human species, the desirability of healthful eating, the necessity of occasional and complementary unhealthful eating and drinking, the corresponding necessity of vigorous exercise, the condition of the London real estate market and the possible locations of a longer-term arrangement for housing in London within the budget of underpaid workers in non-governmental non-profit organizations, the extent of validity of horoscopal and astrological guidance, the beauty of Eva’s eyes and Andreas’ positive assessment of her figure obviating excessive and obsessive concern with limiting caloric intake.

Did Eva discover common factors of similarity between their respective like and unlike reactions to experience?

Both were sensitive to artistic impressions in the pictoral and visual in preference to the musical. Both preferred a cosmopolitan to an insular manner of life, European to an American place of residence. Both conditioned by early conflicted experience and inherited tendency of heterodox resistance professed their disbelief in many orthodox religious, national, social and ethical doctrines. Both admitted the alternatively stimulating and stifling influence of heterosexual magnetism.

Were their views on some points divergent?

On the necessity of Eva’s continuing to diet, Andreas’ opinion being in the negative and Eva’s opinion decidedly in the positive.

Was there any point on which their views were in apparent verbal disagreement but in covert tacit and affectionate harmony?

On the beauty of Eva’s eyes.

Was there one point on which their views were equal and negative?

On the validity and effectiveness of astrological prediction.

Had Andreas discussed similar subjects with different female companions in the Acorn House on previous occasions?

Andreas had successfully broken bread and shared organic wine and assorted post-prandial cocktails and pursued analogous though dissimilar tête-à-tête at the Acorn House with one Brazilian stewardess and one Australian-born and trained court reporter resulting in successful sexual liaison in his living quarters in the neighboring Arriva Hotel. He had unsuccessfully similarly entertained and begun overtures towards the possible seduction of one Committee secretary, two female students of the University College of London, and a female docent at the British Museum. He had correspondingly and inversely dined with and declined the unanticipated advances of one male advertising copy editor employed in the London offices of the Greenpeace organization.

What were their respective postures and interactions of bodily contact during and after their dinner?

During the interval of the mutual imbibing of the first glass of organic wine the male and female vertebral axes remained parallel and perpendicular to the leather surface of the U-shaped private booth with drawn oriental silk curtain in which they were seated, with the right male palmar and thenar surfaces pronated to rest upon the correspondingly supinated female left palmar and thenar surfaces and forearm, from which position the left female distal phalanx of thumb responsively stroked the dorsal indentation between the fourth and fifth metacarpals on the back of his hand while the corresponding male left and female right hands intermittently brought the glasses of organic wine to their respective oral apertures.

Thereafter, the male and female vertebral axes mutually inclined in a decreasingly acute angle of intersection, the female left zygomatic prominence resting intermittently upon the right male deltoid and pectoralis. Subsequent to the second and third bottles of organic wine the position of Eva’s head drooped successively from the male trapezius, to the pectoralis and subsequently to the abdominus. Her right index and forefingers tracing the progression of the right male Sartorius muscle along the inside of the right inner thigh. Andreas had inserted his right hand beneath the back of her wine-purple-reddish panties and skirt, gently massaging the warm interbuccal skin from the female sacral spine to the coccyx.

Upon which protrusion did Eva’s obnubilated vision intermittently fixate?

Upon the proximate intumescency of the erectile member of male reproduction.

Did Eva become drunk?

Eva’s proximately cumulating alterations of behaviour included slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, flushed face, reddened eyes, reduced inhibition and uncharacteristic behavior, euphoria, lightheartedness, joviality, and sexual disinhibition; alcohol being considered a “mood potentiator”, meaning it will enhance the prevalent mood the person already has, ie. if one’s mood is sadness, it will worsen; if happy, it will typically increase, some of these effects being often thought to be desirable, but in increasing doses, increasingly problematic, Eva’s sexual disequillibrium inclined increasingly in the directions of heightened arousal and incitation. Increasingly, the waiter and busboy on opening the curtain of the private booth to deliver or remove additional Cranberry Vodkas and food, observed in Eva and to a lesser extent Andreas the traits of slurring words, rambling or unintelligible conversation, incoherent or muddled speech, loss of train of thought, not understanding normal conversation, difficulty in paying attention, unsteadiness on feet, disequilibrium to and from the washroom, lack of co-ordination, spilling drinks, dropping drinks, fumbling change, difficulty counting money or paying, difficulty opening doors, loud, incoherent and slurred singing, unconcealed and prolonged kissing, petting and sexually suggestive bodily contact, inability to find one’s mouth with a glass, confusion, disorderly exuberance, over friendliness to strangers, loss of inhibition, poorly concealed sexual advances and euphoric disequilibrium. Other than this there was no evidence that Eva was in any way under the influence of alcohol.

Were the mutual paths of ambulation of the disequilibriated duumvirate from the Acorn House restaurant at 69 Swinton Street to Andreas’ principal place of sleep and bodily repose at 47-55 Swinton Street parallel and trabeate or digressive and indirect?

Digressive and indirect.

Did the night clerk greet the mutually supporting and caressive couple upon their entrance to the hotel?

The night clerk, mid-way through his thirty-seventh viewing of Casablanca within his ostiary cubicle, had succumbed to an unpremeditated somnabulance.

What action did Andreas take upon reaching his second-story hotelroom door?

He reached mechanically into the side pocket of his trousers to obtain his roomkey.

Was it there?

It rested in the corresponding pocket of the soiled pair of trousers which he has discarded into the laundry hamper within the room on the preceding morning.

Why was Andreas triply irritated?

Because he had previously deprived himself of his means of ingress on an earlier evening a week prior and had had to request the night clerk to let him in, because he had reminded himself not to repeat the same error, and because his state of sexual expectation and arousal was heightened and his tolerance for frustration diminished by reason of the mutual interplay of alchoholic disinhibition and extensive foreplay.

What were then the alternatives before the inadvertently keyless couple?

To enter or not to enter. To awaken the somnolent and probably discontented ostiary or to alter or abandon their inrooted liminal and subliminal plans and expectations of orgiastic bliss and otherworldly forgetfulness.

Andeas’ decision?

A stratagem. Exiting the fourth story window of the staircase and resting his feet on the dwarf wall separating the ledge from the balcony of the rooms adjoining his own he climbed over the arrestive railings, grasped two points at the lower union of the rails and stiles, and lowered and extended his body in free space by its length of six foot, two inches onto the tiles of the balcony neighboring his own. Thereafter, taking care to minimize the transudation of noise, he repeated the procedure, to clamber over the opposite railed partition, transit a second section of protruding ledge and corresponding partition, extending approximately ten feet in concave indentation along a surface protruding approximately one-and-one-half feet from the vertical wallface separating his own balcony from the immediately accessed neighboring one, knowledgeable of the circumstance that he had left the sliding glass door of his own balcony unlocked.

What factors entered into his calculation of the positive probability of success of the maneuver?

The successful completion of basic training and urban warfare training in the South African military forces, the magnanimity in the face of danger induced by alchoholic disinhibition, the prospect of enjoyment of heroic fascination induced in the sexually desired feminine object by demonstrative and overtly machismatic conduct, and the heightened intensity of expectation induced by the temporal and spatial nearness of expected sexual gratification.

What was Eva able to observe from her field of vision arising from the extension of her neck and torso from the window-frame of egress?

Leaning outward from the open window-frame and resting her abdomen on the sill, heart in  throat, Eva observed successively the left-lateral cross-section of Andreas’ body, back-to-wall, shuffling in a sidewards motion, a dorsal muscular extension of his back and arms clambering over a grated partition, the disappearance of the beloved object behind the partition, the reemergence of the dorsal male body mounting the opposite partition, the disappearance of the figure within the concave recess, and the mounting of the final partition, followed closely by the re-appearance of Andreas’ beaming face atop the partitioning wall of his own balcony, accompanied by a broad grinning male smile and celebratory waving arm.

With what corresponding reactions and contemplations did Eva meet the aforereferenced visual phenomena?

Upon each successive disappearance of Andreas from the female field of vision, there occurred passing before Eva’s eyes in rapid succession—–the extinction of the earth by collision with a dark sun; the regression and subsidence of the Eurasian landmass into the earth’s mantle by reason of a cataclysimic rupture and collapse of the tectonic surface; the permanent submergence of the Island of Britain beneath the unfathomable salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean, recapitulating the fate of that ocean’s eponymous forefated islandic member; the extinction of all known life forms consequent to nuclear Armageddon and radioactive global sterilization; global warming culminating in complete desertification of the earth’s surface, global pandemic by antibiotic resistant supermutating pathogens,  Megatsunami, permanent submergence of the earth’s surface by reason of the rise of oceanic sea levels consequent to the collapse and complete melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet; the reoccurance of the Holocene Extinction Event, the recurrence of the Ice Age burying the earth’s surface beneath miles of deadening glacial ice; the extinction of life resulting from the accumulation of industrial poisons and disruption of the process of DNA expression by reason of aberrant by-products of experiments in genetic and nanotechnological engineering by evil genius producing across the surface of the earth a ubiquitous and lifeless grey goo;  the extinction of the Western Honeybee from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) resulting in the prophylaxis of all vegetal pollination; the abrupt disappearance of the Milky Way Galaxy beneath the event horizon of an errant and unimaginably massive black hole;  the collapse of the universe into nothingness by reason of exhaustion of the incipient energy of the Big Bang and its gravitational implosion into its point of origin; the eruption of a Supervolcano, the magma and ash from which caldera burying the surface of the earth in an eternal lifeless darkness and volcanic winter; the explosion and extinction of the sun by Supernova sterilizing all life forms in lethal Gamma Rays and plunging the solar system into abysmal eternal darkness; the prophetic appearance of beasts, collisions of malign galactic bodies of unknown nemesis including the Sumerian rogue planet Nibiru, Planet X and Ecris with the earthly globe—-the threatening existence of which had hitherto been kept secret for a century and a half by universal worldwide conspiracy of all known political, religious and academic powers and institutions to prevent panic; the crystallization of the world’s oceans by Ice-9 transition; an abrupt shift of the earth’s magnetic and rotational poles resulting in an associated extinction event;  the inundation of the earth’s surface with a sea of blood draining from the battlefields of Armageddon,  the immanent End of the known Universe by apocalyptic cataclysm and the breaking of the seven seals of fate and emergence of the devouring Anti-Christ; the recapitulation of unnumbered wars, famines, earthquakes and other heavenly signs of the End of Days, the Piktun Ending of the Mayan Long Count, the consummation of the vision of the Seeress and the tearless eye of Loki in the final redemption of the blood of Ymir through the triumph of ice and death hailed by the harrowing of the halls of the dead by the Valkyrie for the fulfillment of the Armageddon of Ragnarok; the Koranic eschatological scourging of the earth by Gog and Magog; the fulfillment of the Acharit Hayamim; the Qiyamah, the Tribulation; the extinction of the fifth and final Sun of Tonatiu; the scourge of the sea of blood of Hathor, eye of Ra, the destruction of the world by Kalki, tenth avatar of Vishnu, nadir perigee of the Kali Yuga.

And upon his reappearance?

The enraptured visage of the faces of Lif and Lifthrasir upon their emergence from beneath the sheltering Tree of Ygdrasil upon the cessation of Ragnarok; the greeting of the souls of the dead upon the appearance of Christ the Savior at the Harrowing of Hell;  the kissing of Noah of the ground upon Mr. Ararat; the greeting of the Mahdi of the souls awaiting Quiyamat and Jannah; the ecstatic joy at the appearances of Aushedar, Aushedar-mah, Soshyant, Maitraya and Guan Yin; The Rapture; the ecstatic sensation of sympathetic participation in the resurrection and triumph of life over death immantized in the in rising from the dead of appolonius, osirus, mithra, phoenix, krishna, sakia, thamuz, wittoba, Iao, hesus, quexalcote, quirinus, prometheus, thulis, indra, alcestos, crite, bali, atys, mithra, appylonius dionysus, attis, horus, & lao zi…………..

What were the relations of Andreas and Eva subsequent to ingress into the quested bedchamber?

The mutual divesture of impedimentiary and supererogatory articles of clothing: the oral and atavistic communion of male manchild with the female mother and mammary organs; the physical and symbolical migratory return of the anadromous male organism to its place of origin, completing one circuit of its neverending cycle of odyssey; the prolongation of sexual euphoria by protean and perverse-polymorphic variations in mental and physical coupling; the adoration of the overwhelming libidinal and muscular power of the adult healthy male by the amorous and hormone enchanted female;  the joy of female surrender to an overpowering yet loving male presence; the gentleness of mutual appreciation; the addictive compulsion for maximizing the immersion of sensate neural organs in oxytocin, estrogen, testosterone, dopamine, adrenaline and other naturally occurring hormonal psychogens;  the depositing of seed of generation in the female womb; the further supererogatory deposition of the male sperm in the female oral and esophageal cavities pursuant to the frictional stimulation of the male glans, testes and phallus consequent to momentarily uncontrolled female oral enthusiasm; the real or imagined conscious or unconscious consummation of potentially infinite manifold possible intertwinings of flesh, mind, psyche and spirit as described in the Kama Sutra, Joys of Sex, Jin Ping Mei, The Perfumed Garden of Sheik Nefzaoui as translated by Sir Richard Burton, and innumerable associated Guides for the Perplexed and Apoplexed,  including but not limited to the missionary position, doggy style, pillowed pelvis, spoons position, cowboy and corresponding cowgirl positions, male and female pronated and supinated, reverse cowboy and reverse cowgirl, the lateral coital position as recommended by Masters and Johnson, the Pounding on the Spot Position immortalized in Burton’s translation of The Perfumed Garden, the assorted positions of Xi Men Qing in the Jin Ping Mei; assorted positions for the fondling of both breasts and buttocks, the lapdancing position accompanied with various items of music or a capella, the standing position with female legs locked about the male pelvis, for use in bedroom, alleyway or shower, assorted receptive variations involving male penetration of the female, vaginal, oral or anal apertures, prolongued French kissing and stimulation of any and all bodily surfaces by the male or female tongue; G-spot and genital rubbing, rubber necking, abrading, abrasive friction, brushing, detritions, gauging, gouging, grating, grinding, gripping, pureeing, rosining, scraping, scouring, smearing, smudging, smutching, smearing, sponging down, sponging off, straining, traction, wiping and worrying;  the spontaneous momentary and enduring erasure or all bodily and mental distance and distinction between the male and female bodily spirits; the alternative crescendo and diminuendo of thrusting penetrations, the T-Square position, Modified T-Square position, top-to-bottom thrusts and bottom-to-top thrusts, simultaneous epileptoid mellifluous orgasm; savage orgasm; sacred and profane orgasm; The Seventh Posture of Burton’s translation of The Perfumed Garden; the Piledriver position, the use of erotic furniture including erotic trapezes and fisting slings, table-top missionary and chair-top missionary, desk, chair and table-top doggy, intercrural sex, flagellation and enactment of corresponding fantasies of sadism and masochism; dry humping, enactments of tyrannization and enslavement, golden showers, humiliation, bondage, BDSM, handjob, footjob, titjob, Irrumatio, skull-fucking, face-fucking, pedicatio, axillary intercourse, Frot and Tribadism, foreskin, docking, docking skin, Cyberskin, fellatio, deep throat, autofellatio, cunnilingus, face-sitting, Cybersex, phone-sex, standing on hands-fellation, 69-position, Standing-69-Position, Standing-on-Hands-69-Position, anilingus, the rusty trombone, the Shocker—featured in the Story of O, the Female Shocker, woman-on-top, man-on-top, side-by-side——–Coniunctio——-The adoration of the beloved in all their manifestations, the recognition of one’s soul in the eyes of the other, the endless beauty of the gaze of the soul manifest in the eyes of the beloved—nihil humanum alienum est—Kyrie Elieson.

In what mental state did the above mentioned conjunction leave them?

In the ignorance that implies impression that knits knowledge that whets the wits that convey contacts that sweeten sensation that drives desire that adheres to attachment that dogs death that bitches birth that entails the ensuance of existentiality that overwhelms the consciousness that leads to forgetfulness that enables rebirth….


About three weeks after the Festival Yoriko got a call from Yuchun’s assistant saying that they had some problems getting some of the computers to work on the LAN—Local Area Network and needed some technical assistance. Yoriko drove over in the morning with two of her top technical people and made a service call. Yuchun was delighted to have a chance to be together with Yoriko and delayed her with many bogus problems designed to keep her longer, during which time they would rub their legs against eachother under the desk, trying to keep from laughing while maintaining a a straight face for outside observers. Finally Yoriko got a chance to whisper in Yuchun’s ear that she had a “special present” for her. She took out the latest copy of Qiao Qiao’s music-video, unwrapped it and placed it into the drive of Yuchun’s computer. Then she clicked to install it and then repeated the process on Yuchun’s laptop. Finally she plugged in two sets of earphones, placing one on her own head and handing the second to Yuchun. Then she waited until a moment when the office emptied of the others going to lunch and she clicked on the ‘Play” button.

“This is just for you—from me—-to remember me every day always and forever!” she chortled.

Then the music began and the face of Qiao Qiao appeared, just as on the commercial recording of her song did on the regular recording for the first verse, and looking about carefully to make sure no one was withing eavesdropping vision, she slid her hand up under Yuchun’s skirt almost as far as her panties, and rubbed and frotted the skin of her thigh gently.

Yuchun’s eyelids drooped. She also quickly looked around to make sure no one was there and then smiled back at Yoriko. A minute later the bigger surprise was revealed when, instead of Qiao Qiao singing the commercial version with her regular back up, Yoriko’s face appeared on the screen singing alongside Qiao Qiao in a way that was obviously a coded addressing of the song to Yuchun herself. Yuchun started when she realized what was happening and then furtively placed her hand over Yoriko’s hand as they stared into the screen with Yoriko’s singing face leaning against Qiao Qiao’s face and looking into the camera so as to be looking into Yuchun’s face by implication.

Normally in their sexual relationship and in their sexual play Yuchun was dominant and aggressive, playing the ‘T’ role or butch and Yoriko was the femme, playing the ‘P’ or ‘Po’ passive womanly role. As they watched the unique love song being sung, listening over their headphones, Yoriko took advantage of the surprise and playfully turned the tables—-after a precautionary glance about the empty room, she quickly and unexpectedly thrust her hand further up Yuchun’s skirt and slid it beneath her panties, roughing Yuchun’s moist pubic hair. Yuchun was not known as “The General” for nothing. Normally she prided herself on an almost military sang-froid  and pride in being unflappable. It was part of her butch-dyke Tachi persona she put on as well as part of her professional office identity. Yuchun started, then looked about to see if anyone was looking, maintaining her straight face directed at the computer screen. A second later Yoriko surprised and startled her further, aggressively pushing two fingers adroitly down into her cleft and up part-way into her vagina causing her to shudder with sexual tension as she struggled to maintain her face in case anyone came in. Watching the faces of Yoriko and Qiao Qiao on the screen leaning their foreheads against each other’s as they sang the sultry lesbian lyrics, Yuchun’s eyelids involuntarily drooped and her eyes dialated. A  second later she lost control of herself and for the first time in their relationship, offered her open wet lips to Yoriko from the bottom, Po, position of the kiss, the way a yielding girl would yield to a strong male lover. Yoriko knew that something important had happened, as she had never seen “The General” like that and she thrust her tongue briefly into Yuchun’s mouth savouring her warm lips with her own. Then, two seconds later they recovered themselves, and Yuchun flipped her face and hair first backwards and then back towards Yoriko, clasped Yoriko’s face in a commanding handgrasp, at which Yoriko let her hand slip from Yuchun’s vulva and skirt,  and then Yuchun pulled Yoriko’s face towards her own and strongly planted a  kiss from her accustomed dominant position, in effect resuming “command.” while gathering herself together. trying to hide their game from outsiders, and at the same time trying to hide her briefly revealed vulnerability from Yoriko.  Then refocusing her attention on the surrounding office, which luckily had emptied out for the lunch break, she whispered in a low but strong tone to Yoriko:

“This is really too dangerous. I love you but we can’t do this here—-after a few times of this kind of playing were sure to get observed and caught at it and then there will be hell to pay and we will lose everything. We have really got keep our heads and get some control here. I will meet you later—7:30 tonight at your apartment, and we’ll try to keep these office visits to a minimum.” she whispered, giving Yoriko a pecking kiss on the cheek and then gathering their things and the DVD together to escort her out of the compound.

Later  at home Yoriko began preparing a dinner of Sushi and Tonkatsu to celebrate with Yuchun. She cut and breaded the pork, carefully mixing in flour, eggs, peppers salt and panko into the sauce for the batter, just like her mother taught her. She made miso soup from her family recipe and prepared the ricer and tsukemono.  She sprinkled on Japanese daikon and ponzu, and prepared the tonkatsu sosu, a kind of Japanese Worchestershire sauce to season the Tonkatsu. She also prepared some Tonkatsu with beef and with chicken in case Yuchun liked a greater variety. She sat down and waited for Yuchun to arrive at 7:30.  At 8:00 Yoriko began to drink rum cocos and gin and tonics from her bar, but by ten o’clock Yuchun had still not come. She tried Yuchun’s mobile phone but it was turned off. Finally, by 11:30 she gave up waiting, put the pots in the refrigerator and went to bed.

About 12:00 she heard the front door opening. She had given extra keys to both Etienne and to Yuchun, but she knew Etienne was on assignment in Shanghai and so it couldn’t be him—unless something unexpected had happened. She was in a very feminine pink nightie with frilled and bowed panties, and she slipped into her slippers and went to see. It was Yuchun. She rushed from the doorway saying “Oh my poor darling—-the Politburo held a special session going to the night and I had to stay to assist Luo until it was over, and then he needed me to take dictation for his Political Diary after the meeting, so I couldn’t get away—-I couldn’t even turn on my cell phone since they make you turn it off during the meetings and work so you won’t disturb anybody.”

“Poor Baby!” moaned out Yoriko “have you eaten?”

“No, there wasn’t time—just grabbed a Fangbianmian in the office.” she groaned, collapsing to the armchair. Yoriko pulled off her shoes and massaged her feet, then said “You just relax and I will reheat the Tonkatsu. Then she poured out a double-sized tumbler of rum coco for Yuchun and went into the kitchen to reheat the dinner.

When she came back in she noticed that Yuchun had continued drinking and had already downed four rum cocos and two bottled cocktails. Yoriko served the dinner and poured out cups of hot rice wine to drink with the Tonkatsu. By the time they were rested and ready for bed she noticed that Yuchun was significantly drunk and tipsy.

Yoriko cleaned up in the kitchen while Yuchun showered and they Yoriko slipped into the bed to await Yuchun, turning out the light. After twenty minutes Yuchun came out—dressed in a B & D leathers costume and with her hair slicked back and oiled to look like an Elvis Presley-style butch dyke.  Yuchun sashayed across the room in her butch costume and pulled back the blanket from over Yoriko’s lying body, revealing the pink-lace nighty and her frilled and bowed pink panties.

Then Yuchun leaned over, grasped Yoriko’s jaw,  and kissed Yoriko on the mouth strongly, saying “Now I am going to teach you who is Tachi, little girl!”  She reached into her large handbag and took out a 10” flesh-coulored Strap-on dildo and fastened it around her hips, spreading Yoriko’s legs wide beneath her. Then taking a swig from the bottle of rum beside the bed she reached down and took violent hold of Yoriko’s panties, tearing the fabric across the crotch as she tore them off and threw them across the room. Then she forced the tip of the dildo into Yoriko’s vulva and pushed hard, causing Yoriko to gasp and cry out. her back arching upward in a bow violently. Yuchun ground into Yoriko’s pelvis and then began to kiss her strongly on the lips, Yoriko seemingly closing her eyes in passive submission. Then Yuchun began to cry. She took off the dildo and buried her face in the pillow beside Yoriko’s head and released herself into uncontrollable sobbing.

Yoriko, got up off the bed and took off all her clothes. Next she poured out a large tumbler of rum and downed it in one gulp. She then put on the strap-on dildo Yuchun had cast off, placed her right hand on Yuchun’s right shoulder, still shaking with sobbing, and she forcefully turned Yuchun over on her back facing up to her. She slapped Yuchun violently across the face, and Yuchun stopped sobbing in a state of shock, looking up with the startled eyes of a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Yoriko forcefully pulled off Yuchun’s panties and tore open her bra. She ten forcefully put her hands under the backs of her knees and forced her legs as wide apart as they could extend. She drove the shaft home. Yuchun’s back arched upwards against the weight of Yoriko’s body laying atop her. She gripped Yoriko violently in her arms pulling her tightly to her own body. Her mouth opened to a long oval and her jaw pointed upwards towards the ceiling. Her long legs and flexed feet pointed towards the ceiling then crossed behind Yoriko’s back, clamping down tightly and holding her in place. A loud moaning and murring shriek issued from somewhere in the room as Yuchun’s hands pulled Yoriko’s head towards her own, she herself dissolving in a vague, dark generalized sensation like being swirled in a warm whirlpool. It was the first orgasm of her thirty-six years.

There they lay for several minutes, silently. Then Yoriko got up, tossed off the strap-on and put on her pink frilly nighty again and lay down next to Yuchun, pressing her face against hers and kissing her closed eyes and lips like a mother caring for a weeping child. Yuchun lay for a long while with her face pressed against Yoriko’s bare breasts. Then Yoriko rolled over on her back and pulled Yuchun up atop her, spreading her legs to accept her, freely resuming the Neko or bottom role she preferred.   Yuchun kissed her hard and long, recovering herself, and then re-assuming her dominant energy, kissing every inch of Yoriko’s supine and passive body and taking her into her will and command as she had been accustomed, kissing her vulva and making her moan with pleasure. Yoriko released herself into a receptive feminine passivity.

As Yuchun finished kissing her forcefully and commandingly on her lips, Yoriko placed her temple to Yuchun’s hot temple and whispered lovingly into her ear, a pair of tears lodged in the corners of her closed smiling eyes:

“My General!” ………and then they both drifted into an exhausted sleep.

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